Technology to scale
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Our leading proprietary technology within encryption and IP VPN is the foundation in our security architecture, developed by our own team of experts.
A technology that meets the highest European security requirements and is a key component in the Asperiq Scalable Security Concept.

Scalable Security Concept

Scalable security is the ability to adapt and grow solutions, its layers and controls to the need of the customer and the continuously changing threat environment.

The Asperiq Hardware Security Trust Anchor is the foundation in our scalable security concept and consist of our in-house developed Security module, Application system, Hardware platform, Management system and API. This architecture allows us to logically and technically separate the application system from the security system and thereby apply security either localised or centralised. Whether the need is to access and share sensitive information within the fixed network infrastructure, through hardware secured portable devices or through business applications, this can all be catered for.

The technical components of security, and the people and process aspect need to come together to achieve state of the art security. It has to be properly addressed in the preparation phase, through analysis, policies and governance, as well as in the operations phase through network monitoring and identity access management. On top of that we have added an extra security layer and we are one of very few that allow organisations to select, control and verify the encryption technology and its implementation.

Asperiq scalable security concept

Quantum-safe encryption technology

There is a global concern about the future threat of quantum computers against cryptographic technology. Several cryptographic techniques would not be secure if and when a sufficiently powerful quantum computer can be built, and all on-quantum-encrypted data collected today could be deciphered once such a quantum computer becomes available. All our cryptographic technologies are quantum safe, meaning they will withstand future quantum computers. There’s nothing like being prepared! We make sure that your data is protected today against the possible quantum threats of the future.

Both cyber security and coffee are best made STRONG

Martin Ranhed, Chief Security and Compliance Officer

Security principles

There are six principles we adhere to when implementing our technology.

From the genesis of design, engineering to deployment of hardware and software systems, we apply security from the ground up. As a security technology company, that is our expertise.
We build all our solutions with the approach of Zero Trust; "always verify, never trust". As an example, our customers can control and verify the encryption technology and its implementation
Our security solutions use the most secure settings possible as a default. There after they are adjusted to support the security governance and the required functionality.
Designating zones allows the organisations to consistently track the location of sensitive data and assess the relevance of an access request based on the nature of that data.
We have the highest demands in the way we deploy and prepare our security solutions for customers. All elements and engineering of a secure solution have to go through a chain of trust.
Secure infrastructure for calls, video, e-mail and file transfer between our customers and our experts provides full integrity for the continued business dialogues, support, and consultations.

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