Scalable security solutions
for governments

We provide user-friendly, modern, IP-based network solutions to secure communication and collaboration
for governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations around the world.
is our core
Our IP-VPN encryption technology is built on a Hardware Security Trust Anchor developed by our own top security specialists.
Cyber security
our expertise
We offer a scalable portfolio of government grade communication and collaboration solutions that enable all stakeholders to work securely - from any place, at any time.
Scalable security
our philosophy
Based on your needs, we provide scalable solutions designed with the adequate level of security, availability, number of end-points and control.

Who we are

Asperiq develops, integrates and maintains cyber protection solutions for governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations. Our team includes some of the most senior experts in the industry, as well as a number of the rising stars within encryption technology and scalable security architectures. Asperiq is a fully independent European company with offices in Sweden and Switzerland, and local presence in South East Asia and the Middle East.

True security is when everyone in an organisation can work effectively and efficiently with the adequate level of security applied.

What we do

The current digitalisation of processes and team work, with increasing demand for secure and real-time collaboration, contributes to the ever-growing streams of sensitive data and information.

Global emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, further highlights the urgent need for increased mobility and accessibility within and between governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations. Government employees and leaders must be able to access and share sensitive information from any place, at any time, without compromising security. Developed by our own team of experts, our security platform with the unique Hardware Security Trust Anchor paves the way for the next generation of secure communication and collaboration within government organisations. Our scalable security solutions cover Secure Government Networks, Secure Mobile Communication, and Services.

Secure Network Solutions

Infrastructure solutions that ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data, critical assets and communication. We offer government grade IP-based security solutions for fixed infrastructure such as our IP-VPN product suite for HQ and Branch Offices. Additionally we offer a portable, IP-based, secure access solution for remote users. With a medium-term perspective, we will provide scalable, secure IP-based solutions for machine-to-machine applications and for the protection of government assets.

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Secure Mobile Communication

Mobile communication solution designed to combine the convenience of smartphones with high security and central control. The Asperiq IQ Connect mobile solution is centrally deployed on-premise to obtain complete control of the users and application usage on a high level of security. The solution provides true end-to-end encryption for voice, instant messaging, and video for individuals and groups in one intuitive mobile app.

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Our Services

State-of-the-art cyber protection solutions does not only apply to technical elements. In partnership with our customers and partners we define the security governance, perform security assessments, integrate new solutions into existing environments and provide continuous support throughout the life-cycle of a security solution.

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We understand scalable security as the ability to adapt and grow security solutions, security layers and controls to the need of the customer and the continuously changing threat environment. Scalable security is our philosophy and security-by-design is our technical approach. We make sure that software and hardware systems are secure from the ground up. That is how our customers can benefit from a wide range of choices, providing an optimal balance between security, usability, availability and affordability - even at national scale.

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A long-term and trusting partnership with our customers enables us to set a long term roadmap for security solutions together.

As a technology provider working in the complex fields of encryption and cyber protection, we firmly believe in mutual benefits from interaction between experts – for our customers, partners and for us. Together with the customer experts, we analyse the challenges, find the best possible solution and set a common roadmap. This way, we will deliver a solution that meets realistic expectations, not only from a technical perspective, but also from a holistic perspective including people and processes. We invest in transferring skills and know-how and we work with local and global partners to deliver on our promise.

We are eager to engage to discuss your operational needs and how you could influence our future roadmap. Asperiq will continue to invest heavily into the scalable security solutions relevant to you.

We are here to help

If you would like to know more about our products and services, please contact us and one of our experts will get in touch with you.