Asperiq Academy

Know-how transfer to enable you to secure your nation.

Our comprehensive Academy Programs bring unrivalled front line, real-world cyber-security expertise to our customers, enabling them to secure their national interests. As experts in the fields of encryption technology and cyber protection, we invest heavily in transferring skills, knowledge, and know-how to our customers. Enabling organisations and nations to become independent with cutting-edge cryptography technology.


Our Strategic Leadership programs provide essential awareness of cyber security topics and how they may affect their operations. These programs address important areas such as geopolitical influence in cyberspace operation and the impact of deregulation and privatization that affect cyber protection capabilities and readiness of a country’s critical infrastructure.


The Legal programs provide insights into how the international legal framework applies to cyber operations during peace and war. Particular focus is given to illustrate how International Law imposes capability requirements on the national power of the state.

Cyber Security Network Systems Architecture

The wide range of Cyber Security Network Systems Architecture programs provides in-depth strategic and operations knowledge transfer from cyber situational awareness, governance models, secure network design, and cryptographic algorithm design and implementation. Participants will learn practical, world-leading skills to independently apply the latest technology, processes, and governance to their local organisations.

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