Our service offer covers every aspect of a modern security solution
We excel with security and compliance consulting, knowledge transfer and we invest in local competence and partnership.

State-of-the-art cyber protection solutions does not only apply to technical elements. In partnership with our customers and partners we define the security governance, perform security assessments, integrate new solutions into existing environments and provide continuous support throughout the life-cycle of a security solution.


To establish a security communication and collaboration framework you need to take into account processes, people and technology. For government organisations and their external stakeholders (e.g. suppliers and partners) to share classified information, and to communicate securely and effectively with each other require solid policies, agreements, and a technical infrastructure that is built on protocols and trust between participants.

To us it is important to assist in establishing local competence and knowledge to support national self-sustainability. National strategic initiatives are covered through a future-oriented foundation that includes:

  • Assessment of technology standards
  • Certification of security and products
  • Communication policies
  • Collaboration frameworks
  • Supply chain security
  • Support in the establishment of a national communication and collaboration roadmap.


The importance of cyber security goes far beyond meeting compliance requirements and complying with data protection laws. The balance between security and usability is delicate and must be widely assessed. Without strong people and effective processes, even the strongest technology cannot guarantee security.

To define a concrete roadmap and related projects, your existing infrastructure and operations needs to be assessed. Our job is to propose transparent solutions to implement your secure communication and collaboration strategy by helping you with:

  • Needs analysis
  • Risk assessments
  • Operational processes
  • Security policies
  • Educational assessment (relating to those who will eventually use the infrastructure and access government classified resources)


Through a comprehensive assessment of needs, risks and opportunities, measures can be planned to secure the deployment and integration of technology, people and processes. When designing, deploying and integrating a security solution we follow a Security-by-Design approach in conjunction with financial and customer-specific criteria. Our experienced project managers lead the projects from start to finish, in close partnership with the customer and involve certified local and global partners when needed.

The integration of security solutions from various selected manufacturers in complex operating environments is one of our main disciplines, including services for:

  • Project management
  • Design & Engineering
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Training & Knowledge transfer


Once a system is installed and put into operation the challenge is to make sure that everything runs according to plan, that improvements are captured and to identify the next phase and future roadmapping. Through a comprehensive service portfolio, covering the complete lifetime of a security solution we offer our expertise proactively, effectively helping our customers prevent problems occurring.

Our commitment does not end when the project is delivered. We team up with you through the complete life-cycle of a security solution, from its conception to the continuous improvement and expansion of its services. Our committed customer success teams are experts in:

  • Programme management
  • Service desk
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Roadmapping

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