Our innovative solutions provide you with peace of mind, they keep your assets safe and your organisation connected.
With our scalable security, ranging from the highest security level to software-based applications, we secure entire nations!

In close partnership with our customers and partners, Asperiq develops, integrates and maintains cyber protection solutions for governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations. Our leading proprietary technology within encryption and IP VPN is the foundation of the Asperiq scalable security concept, enabling organisations to securely communicate, collaborate and access sensitive information from any place, at any time, across many different users and teams.

Our vision is to provide peace of mind to leaders worldwide.

Our Purpose

We believe that true security is when everyone in an organisation can work securely in their daily operations, with the adequate level of security applied. This is paramount for governments, NGO’s, as well as for any corporation responsible for critical infrastructure. This is why Asperiq offers scalable security solutions that extend beyond our world-class encryption technology and physical boxes.

Our Commitment

Strategic partnerships is our philosophy. We wish to work with our customers, partners and employees to set the highest standard of relationships. We are committed to learn from you as well as transfer our skills and know-how to you, and we work with local and global partners to deliver on our promise.

Act as one; Inspire trust; Embrace change are the values we live by.

Our uniqueness

Scalable security is the ability to adapt and grow solutions, security layers and controls to the need of the customer and the continuously changing threat environment. Developed by our team of experts, our leading proprietary technologies within encryption and IP VPN products can be applied to many different use cases. We have combined them into our unique scalable security concept, which meets the highest European requirements. The security architecture is centered around the Asperiq Hardware Security Trust Anchor, with quantum safe encryption technology, that allows an organisation to select and control the customer specific algorithm and verify its implementation. To us, the balance between technical security components and people and processes is vital to a successful solution and its implementation.

Our Independency

Asperiq is an independent family-owned company. We are a European company with offices in Sweden and Switzerland, with local presence in South East Asia and Middle East. Being an independent company gives us the possibility to focus on what is most important; our customers, partners and employees. By keeping a long-term perspective in everything we do, we can be both sustainable and innovative in our technology driven vision for the future.

Our People

The Asperiq team includes some of the most senior experts in the industry, as well as a number of rising stars within encryption technology and scalable security architectures.

Curiosity to understand our customers challenges and needs, and the passion for technical and strategic problem-solving is what identifies the Asperiq team.


It's not just a name. It actually means something to us; It is about aspirations and to use our common knowledge to find the best solutions and the smartest way of implementing them. It is about working with our customers and partners in the most intelligent way.

ASPER can be associated with the English word "aspire": To strive for something - a distant goal or a state of mind.
IQ is the well-known abbreviation for intelligence quota and is associated with smartness.