Our expertise is to support governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations
to protect their critical assets and to communicate securely.
As sensitive information is moved from one point to another, it becomes attractive and therefore vulnerable - unless encrypted.

The integrity, confidentiality and availability of your data, critical assets and communication is more important than ever with the ever-growing streams of sensitive data and information. The number of devices and users in a network are multiplying at unprecedented speed, calling for organisations to build networks with security that can be adapted to future needs.

Asperiq's leading encryption and IP-VPN technology is developed by our own team of experts. Our portfolio offers secure scalable, IP-based solutions for fixed infrastructure and portable access for remote users to protect your critical assets.


Encryption plays a major role in protecting data in transit. By using quantum safe encryption technology to interconnect sites and buildings for confidential, secret and top-secret information, even the most sophisticated attacks can be stopped.

Asperiq offers tailor-made scalable network solutions with the highest standard of security, flexibility, operations and efficiency for:

  • Government backbone
  • Interconnection HQ-Branch office
  • Data center access and Interconnection
  • Satellite communication
  • Mobile deployments


Global emergencies further highlights the urgent need for increased mobility and accessibility within and between governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations. Employees must be able to access and share sensitive information from any place, at any time, without compromising security.

Connecting to secure internal networks or systems from a remote location is potentially a great security risk that needs to be dealt with. Asperiq's portable solutions allow secure access to selected network resources for users located at home, in a hotel or on the move:

  • Portable access devices for laptops
  • Software-based solutions for mobile phones and tablets

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