Secure Mobile

The Asperiq IQ Connect solution provides high security and convenience with true end-to-end encryption.

The convenience of smartphones leads to significant security risks when used for sensitive data and communications outside of a protected operational environment. Every information leak and security breach can have devastating consequences for organisations that manage highly sensitive information. However, it does not have to be. The Asperiq IQ Connect solution bridges the gap between security and convenience.


True end-to-end encryption for voice, instant messaging, and video in one intuitive mobile app.

The IQ Connect app provides group calls and group messaging, uses secured individual and central phone books, and encrypts the local storage for chat, content, pictures, history, phone book, and settings. It can be rapidly deployed on a large scale on private or managed smartphones with iOS 13+ and Android 9+.


A centralised, on-premise infrastructure enables and controls secure mobile communication across your entire organisation:

  • Secure provisioning and enrolment of new users “by invitation” only.
  • Closed user groups, phonebooks, and user hierarchies defined by the Security Officer.
  • True end-to-end encrypted sessions directly between devices to eliminate server attacks.
  • Encrypted mobile storage for chat history, phone books, and settings.

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